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BUYERS & SELLERS With the market swinging from buyer to seller markets “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” and you need to fully understand this market dynamic. A fully experienced professional Realtor can reasonably “predict” with some certainty what a buyer will pay and a seller should sell a home for. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is imperative for the buyer and seller. This report is a detailed analysis of the current market data and will provide the most accurate definition of a home’s true market value. Your personal experienced professional Realtor will help you to fully understand this and the more experience your Realtor has, the more accurate the analysis will be. Do you have any “Equity” in your Home? SELLERS: Negative Equity occurs when a property’s value is less than the outstanding debt. It will tell you if you will be able to sell your home as a “Standard” sale or if you are an “upside down” owner with no equity who needs to do a “Loan Modification” with your bank. If failed, then a you can do a “Short Sale” if that failed, your only option is a “Trustee Sale” where you lose your home for good and it affects your credit rating for a long time.. FOR BUYERS: A “STANDARD” SALE: Will occur when “Equity” is left in the home. You will have to search hard for these “gems” nowadays, but a sharp experienced Realtor will find them for you. A “SHORT SALE”: Homeowners who are in a “Negative Equity” situation and are turned down for a “Loan Modification” may be candidates for a Short Sale in which the lender consents to a sale for less than what is owed and takes the loss in order to avoid foreclosure! REO’s (bank-owned): These Homes went through the “Trustee Sale” and the owners lost them. It has a severe affect on the owner’s credit rating for about 10 years. HUD OWNED HOMES: These Government-owned home gems are fast becoming the choice of sharp buyers. The bids are online and in 10 days you will have your answer if your bid was successful. NO MORE WAITING OR FRUSTRATION! However, these bids are not for the public. A HUD Approved Real Estate Broker or their agent must be your representative to make sure that all your needed paperwork is in order for acceptance. The more experience your Broker has, obviously the better a chance you have of getting your bid accepted. For more detailed information please contact me to discuss your needs and situation. My 30 plus years experience and knowledge with “up-side-down” markets, agents and banks will help guarantee your successful close of escrow and I do return your calls immediately.

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